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The Pagan and Polytheist Parade

Part of me wished to keep this as a separate entity from my other, more personal blog, but I’ve pretty much abandoned that one.

Dumb shit has been happening in the polytheistic world, concerning the general pagan and heathen communities. Unfortunately, part of my foot or both of my feet or SOME part of me is in both of these groups by way of theological expressions.

The first and minor concern is that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is under attack again. Self-important pagan journalists columnists writers (?) believe that one interview of a witch by a writer made those in charge of said show upset enough to target the greater pagan community. This of course is really an attempt to stay on the relevancy line and keep readership by drawing outrage.

Seriously, this shit is stupid. I mean, I’m not going to continue watching the show, but that’s because it became boring to me. I’ve seen the same trope-work in Supernatural for 15 years. Pagan-against-monotheism-against-Lovecraft is a tired song and dance, so let it retire. It would be cause for outrage if pagans being a marginalized group was a new thing, but it’s not, and not one of these so called pagan authors even attempt to thwart said marginalization. So, kindly shut the fuck up until you decide to stop writing for a site that indirectly supported for a bill in Uganda that would have implemented the death penalty for homosexuality, and do something worthwhile instead of make top ten bullet lists and review your ‘friend’s’ books.

The next big thing, which is an actual concern, is the trademarking of the word ‘Heathen’. Ho-boy, is that a cavalcade of clusterfuck. The culprits of this cartoonish caper are the Hot Topic of Heathenry, Grimfrost, and lesser known clothing etc. company, Heathen Productions. Grimfrost has since released a statement, assuring their customers and audience that no legal action will be taken against smaller companies that use the terminology in their own businesses and in fact did this as a favor to said smaller companies to protect their merchandizing.

Essentially, they’re blaming this shit on Heathen Productions without actually naming them. Heathen Productions runs the product line ‘Heathen Nation’ and WHOA BOY is that shit absolute garbo. I mean, if the outdated Sons of Anarchy chic is your aesthetic, then by all means check em’ out their racist, white pride, rebel flag waving, appropriating, wannabe biker gang line. It almost broke my heart to see the lead singer of Sevendust, Lajon Witherspoon, in a photo with the line’s head, David A. Lancaster, on instagram (I mean, he probably isn’t aware of all this and wouldn’t give two shits, but fuckin’ a).

David A. Lancaster is the trademark holder for Heathen in the United States, filed on September 11, 2019. As Grimfrost has been pointing out, smaller businesses that have been using Heathen in their brand names as a religious identifier for target audiences and otherwise are being taken offline due to the trademark. Assuming his line ‘Godless Heathen’ is a personally tied branding, it’s safe to assume that this all just about money. So Dave probably doesn’t give two shits about Heathen solidarity, because in all likelihood, he’s not a Heathen. Sure, he’s got some Mjölnir imagery in some of his goods, but religious iconography and terminology has never been safe from those in desperate need of a buck, or an aesthetic in place of personhood in place of a personality.

So obviously, people are a little heated because they believe they won’t be able to use the terminology in later workings and projects, and might be afraid of being looped in with the trash that these lines produce. Maybe they’re afraid they won’t be able to even self identify as Heathen anymore. There’s going to be legal action taken and that’s a good step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe this will wake some people up to the idea of defining Heathenry with more clarity as to help become recognized as a legitimate religion. Probably not though Let’s stay positive.

One group that is taking legal action is The Heathen Coalition, a group or youtube channel, whatever that advertises as ‘Heathenist (*shudder* that word is so fucking gross and hard on the ears when you say it out loud), or Heathen advocate, who teaches about folk customs and promotes ethnic awareness. It is important that Heathens carry on their ancestral legacy and heritage’. So ya know, Uncle Steve metagenetic folkish shit. I bet plenty of Heathens are going to be pleased that the folkish are ready to rally on the frontlines of legality with them to take the word back from atheistic capitalists attempting to make a buck off of biker aesthetic/attitudes.

Sure as shit and right on time, the Heathen Coalition also has a video on the Irish CeLTiC goddess Brigid, because ya know, like Uncle Steve implied, CeLtS and NoRsE were basically the same people /killme. The video is what sparked this blog post actually. It got me thinking how grateful I am NOW that I’m starting to not be as similar to more mainstream CeLtIC religions, such as Gael Polytheism and soon, standard Gaulish polytheism.

While talks of what people are doing for ImBoLC are coming up (even in the Gaulish groups), I’m getting ready for doing absolutely fuck-all. Talking with my mans Artogenos Artó Ó Fionnghusa a few months ago helped solidify my absolute distaste for using the Coligny Calendar, in my practice.

Firstly, no one can agree when Samanios is ever, despite it translating to Summer goddamn Trinoux Samonii bullshit. Secondly, the seasons don’t match up in my part of the Earth Sphere Alliance EARF. Winter in Minnesota (Leitodubron) started in December, so using TrAdItIoNaL Gaulish Calendars makes no sense in praxis, except tradition itself. Since this is tantamount to recognizing a practice as secular (ie devoid of meaning, and this is just something people do cuz RAiSOnS), I have opted to not use the calendar at all.

I have two big seasonal holidays, and three other holidays in the Summer season. So far, it’s enough and the two seasonal ones tie into the weather/seasonal patterns of Minnesota.

I’m also happy to be drifting away from the Celtic Pagan types found in places such as the Celtic Paganism group. When people flashing their Archeology Bachelors degree decide to take pot shots at your practice because it’s not Irish, and you get snobily snubbed for not doing Gael shit on there, you tend to want to leave them to their own devices.

Staying away from the community doesn’t stop people from claiming Cernunnos is Ophiuchus and that Tarainus was originally a lady, but it sure helps to focus on what needs to be done in order for my personal religious expression to grow, even if it’s a slow growth.


Yours truly, Selgowiros Caranticnos/Selgu̯iros Carantos Caitacos, is a heavy enthusiast of physical training. Whether it is weight training or martial arts, training to cause physical adaptation for one’s betterment is something I prize.

The nertobessus/segobessus is not something that merely walks hand in hand with Bessus Leitodubrâkon, rather it lies inside as an integral part of it. The athletic cultus is a part of the culture; we train the *Lîcon (body) for the *Cugis (mind) and (the parts of the) soul.

The better our *segos/segon, the better our life and thus the better our relationship to our gods are.

So, where does this funny word ‘*Senk-‘ enter in?

Many martial arts have customs, greetings and words to signify readiness, respect and a challenge (sometimes all at once). One such word is ‘Osu’ from Japanese Karate. No one knows it’s true origin, but one thing is for sure – it’s a very versatile word. As a testament to it’s utility, it’s even used outside of Karate.

Celtic and Germanic cultures don’t have such words attested. Given that ours is a regional Belgic culture, I pestered my friend Farwater into helping me come up with a utility word for such purposes.

Enter ‘Heng’- (Cymraeg/Welsh)

heng, haing,

eb. a hefyd fel ebd.

Cerydd, sen, bygythiad; hergwd, ysgŵd, hwrdd, gwth:

a chiding, rebuke, censure, taunt, threat; push, thrust. 

Given how sound changes are applied, a back construction of the idea/word was formed as ‘*Senkā’. Of course, the obvious issue is how to transform this word into a utility word in the same vein as ‘Osu’.

All we did here was create the additional meaning of ‘ready, challenge, confirmation’ for the back construction.

However, like ‘Osu’, I’ve seemed to have created a toneless vowel at the end. This makes it sound like ‘*Senk-‘, with the hint of a ‘u’.

This utility word is used after the noibobeton ritual as an ending towards the gods in a tone and manner that denotes their status above us as teachers and guides, as well as our gratitude and readiness towards the challenges They may have lined up for us.

It’s also used as a word to show general readiness for any challenge, and as a taunt.

As the first blog post of Bessus Leitodubrâkon, I say *Senku to the challenges and tasks ahead.